Save the Castletown Wallaby

Designed & painted by local artist & illustrator Eve Adams, Myn’changaroo Ferrishyn a.k.a. The Fairy Wallaby is the design that reflects Eve’s Balley Cashtal Beg community project. Balley Cashtal Beg is Manx Gaelic for ‘Little Castletown’, over 70 fairy doors form a hidden trail around the town with at least 7 fairy doors just around the Market Square!

Now only weeks until the Wallabies Gone Wild Auction, the folks down at The Secret Pizza Co. got together to create a Go Fund Me page to crowdfund a bid to purchase the wallaby so that it remains a permanent sculpture in Castletown.

What follows below is their petition, rallying the community to club together to save the Castletown wallaby.

Amongst all the awesome things going on in Castletown this summer, something beautiful quietly popped up celebrating so many important things to our town!
The Balley Cashtal Beg Wallaby!
The Wallabies Gone Wild project from Hospice IOM has encouraged families from far and wide out exploring the Isle of Man this summer, whilst showing off some of the incredible local artists we have in our communities, all in aid of a fantastic cause!

Castletown’s wallaby was designed and painted by someone we feel very lucky to have in Castletown! Eve Adams has created her very own, tiny, beautiful world in Balley Cashtal Beg & shared her work with anyone who wants to come and explore it totally for free!

We, along with everyone we’ve spoken to about it this summer, have fallen head over heels in love with our wallaby, as the centre piece for Eve’s amazing gift to our town & to be totally honest – we would like to keep it!!

So, with estimates ranging from £1000+ per wallaby at the auction in September, we want to put in a MASSIVE community effort to save our wallaby & are looking to raise £2,000 for Hospice to try to guarantee the winning bid!

So we are calling out to businesses, families, and anyone who wants to support our bid to throw in whatever you can & to share share share so we can keep our wallaby where it is!!

In the event that we do not raise enough money to place the winning bid, we will be splitting what we have raised two ways, with 50% still going to Hospice & the other 50% being donated to Balley Cashtal Beg for further community projects in Castletown!

But let’s not worry about that for now, let’s focus on smashing our target!!

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