Manx Heritage & Historical Sites

There are a wealth of Historical and Heritage sites in and Around Castletown, but Roy Cottage can be a base to discover much more on the Island. Here are a selection of some of the most popular Manx Heritage sites, Isle of Man Museums, Landmarks and Sites of Historic importance.

In the South of the Island you can visit Rushen Abbey with it’s enchanting the medieval ruins or travel west, along to the Isle of Man National Folk Museum at Cregneash – the village locked in time where the people live in thatched cottages and speak the native Manx language.

In Douglas, the Island’s capital, you can get a good overview of the Island’s history with the  ‘Story of Mann’ by Manx National Heritage which begins at the Manx Museum, and unfolds throughout many historic sites and museums throughout the island.

Continue north to Laxey where you will find the iconic Laxey Wheel,  over 70ft high, which you can climb and view the surrounding countryside. Also in Laxey are the Laxey Woollen Mills, a traditional Manx working factory producing Manx tartan. Further north in Ramsey is Grove House Museum, the Victorian home frozen in time.

To the west of the Island you can visit the stunning Peel Castle on St. Patrick’s Isle where tales of vikings, monks, and a ghost dog are told. While you’re here you should visit the House of Manannan  and find out about the history of the Celts and Vikings and more. Just next door there is the Kipper Factory where you can take a tour and find our how kippers are made, for another very Manx experience.

Whichever direction you travel, there’s plenty of layers of history to explore in the Isle of Man!