By the Sea

With a coastline spanning over 100 miles, ranging from sandy beaches to rocky headlands, the Isle of Man provides the opportunity for a variety of watersports, fishing and a chance to observe our Manx wildlife and more.

Favourite places to visit include the spectacular Calf Sound on the southern most tip of the Island, abundant with wildlife and natural wonders, Niarbyl Bay, a secluded beauty spot on the west coast, and Peel Beach, popular with locals and visitors alike for it’s golden sands and nearby attractions.

One of the best ways to experience the Manx coast is to charter a boat to get the chance to see the birdlife, whales, seals and basking sharks up close. Boat trips are popular for Fishing on the Isle of Man, too. Plenty of species can be caught along the shore from the rocks, breakwaters, harbours and beaches.

The coast offers a myriad of Water Sports on the Isle of Man which can be as relaxing or as adrenaline fuelled as you choose depending on your interests and experience in the sea. Take a dip, dive, cruise or paddle while experiencing first-hand the Island’s stunning coastline, countless caves and coves and abundant wildlife whilst enjoying a fun, liberating adventure.

Few things will make a memorable Manx holiday as much as seeing a live Basking Shark swim past or possibly even getting a photo of a pod of Dolphins just offshore. The Manx Basking Shark Watch and the Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch allow anyone to share their recent sightings of these magnificent sea creatures on their websites, so you can know exactly where the best places to spot them are for your visit and even log your own! Seals are fun to watch and easier to spot, especially if you head down to The Sound.

Lastly, we include a different way to see the coast, through the Camera Obscura, a Victorian novelty that still holds a lot of appeal and is certainly a unique way of viewing our wonderful Manx coast.