Top 10 ways to reach new heights on the Isle of Man

Whether it’s by bus, tram or even on foot, setting your sights higher is easy on the Isle of Man. Check out our top 10 list to really elevate your trip to the Isle of Man.

No. 1 – Picnic on the peak – Enjoy your lunch with a different view

Take time out to have a picnic on Douglas Head and enjoy the fresh air. Now complete with benches, BBQ spots and more it makes for a perfect afternoon to sit and watch the hustle of bustle of Douglas beneath you and see the boats arriving in the harbour. While you’re in the area don’t forget to look at the Great Union Camera Obscura, for just £2 entry you’ll see cameras how the Victorian used them.

No. 2 – View the seven kingdoms – A trip up Snaefell will be the peak of your visit.

See the seven kingdoms (England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, the Isle of Man and the kingdoms of Heaven and the Sea) at the highest point – either by a trip on the Manx Electric Railway or by foot if you fancy a challenge. Be sure to check the time of the Snaefell Summit Dining events, a great combination of travelling and dining. So relax, raise a glass and enjoy the stunning views.

No. 3 – Take a walk on the wild side – See amazing sights, cliff edges, wildlife and stunning scenery.

The Raad Ny Foillan or ‘Way of the Gull’ is a demanding but highly rewarding walk along the Island’s coast. The route has a total distance of approximately 95 miles but can be broken into sections for you to pick and choose the areas you wish to explore.

No. 4 – Ride the mountain – Let the wind flow through your hair

Travel along the Mountain section of the world famous Isle of Man TT course. Explore it for yourself in your car or on a hired bike…or if you fancy sitting back and relaxing while you take it all in why not take a Trike Tour.

No. 5 – Take the plunge – For a blood pumping experience

If you like to get that adrenalin flowing, why not (with expert guidance, of course) join a group and experience coasteering, an exciting combined rock and water activity, along a section of stunning coastline. Adventurous Experiences and The Venture Centre both offer coasteering trips all around the Island including a special view of Peel Castle not seen by many.

No. 6 – Unleash the inner Tarzan in you – Climb trees, hang from ropes and whiz down the zip-line

Travel through the trees on the maze of rope and wires in one of the Island’s largest plantations, South Barrule with Ape Mann Adventure Park. Plus new for 2014, a high rope course, and with the zip wire you’ll soon forget where (and how old) you are. The adventure park also includes one of the UK’s highest sets of Monkey tree climbing hardware which is a challenge for anybody with a head for heights.

No. 7 – Conquer new heights – Enjoy the Manx coastline from a different perspective

Test yourself mentally and physically against the craggy cliffs which provide a stunning backdrop to climbing and abseiling sessions with The Venture Centre or Adventurous Experiences. Or if the weather turns, try the indoor climbing centre with over 2000 square foot of climbing wall! For complete beginners, seasoned outdoor climbers, bouldering geniuses or anything in-between, visit Hot Rocks Climbing wall and enjoy overhanging sections, vertical walls, traverses, bouldering caves and more.

No. 8 – Go wild in the country – Get away from it all and watch the wildlife in action

Located at the Ayres, Ballaghennie boasts a viewing platform where you can catch diving Gannets, Oyster Catchers, plus many other birds and marine wildlife, and if you’re lucky you might spot an inquisitive seal too. A site of major ecological significance, parts having been designated as an Area of Special Scientific Interest and as a National Nature Reserve. The shingle beach provides a great walk and leads to the marked Nature Trail which winds through the marram dunes and onto the expanse of heath with its extensive lichen flora.

No. 9 – Climb the world’s largest working waterwheel – For breath-taking elevated views

Standing at over 72 feet high the wheel, which is also known as Lady Isabella, has been one of the Isle of Man’s most popular tourist attractions for well over 150 years. Try counting how many stairs it takes to get you to the top and then enjoy the rewarding view of Laxey and the surrounding mines, don’t forget to wave to those at the bottom for a great photo opportunity.

No. 10 – Enjoy entertainment from ‘The Gods’ – Choose from shows, bands, comedians or Ghost Tours!

Finally before you depart the Isle of Man take a tour with the ‘Gods’ of the Gaiety and find out all the amazing history of this ancient Victorian Theatre. The Gaiety Theatre is a jewel in the Manx heritage crown. Steeped in history and tradition, the Gaiety is one of the finest remaining examples of work from the legendary theatre architect, Frank Matcham. Not for the easily spooked, Isle of Man Ghost Tours offer a Gaiety Theatre Experience tour to discover the tales of The Man in Grey, the strange going’s on in The Gods and the lady who haunts seat B14

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